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The path to Nursing Licensure is unique for every nurse. What is not unique is that there are requirements to be met for Nursing Licensure in each and every state. Navigating those requirements can be quite time consuming. Finding someone who can help you along the way can be even more time consuming. Most states don’t have people on 24/7 to answer your each and every question about an RN license education requirement or where the application is for LPN licensure.

You may be fortunate and have the assistance of friends who have been through the nursing license process. You may be able to speak to the director of the nursing program at your local university, who may provide you with assistance and direction with prerequisites and later with licensing questions. This is what you want, however, many nursing school candidates do not have these options. NursingLicensure.org provides a reference for those seeking licensure to become a Registered Nurse, LPN or LVN.

Picking through the huge PDF files on Licensing Board websites to find an application or license renewal information can take a lot of time. How much time do you have? Not a lot.


Keep it simple. Provide an easy to navigate path to nursing license requirements in each state that can be easily followed by those of all ages.

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