Nurse Aide Requirements in Kansas

Kansas Nurse Aides are now under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. CNAs are credentialed on the basis of training and examination. Approved individuals may be given a ‘Nurse Aide Trainee II’ designation. This allows them to work for up to four months pending examination (

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Training Requirements

There are multiple nurse aide training pathways. Some individuals qualify based on previous healthcare training. Individuals who do have qualifying healthcare training will need to enroll in approved nursing aide programs. The Department for Aging and Disability Services has provided a list ( Students should make sure they are viewing the current list; there is a validity date range shown.

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Kansas training programs are at least 90 hours. They are divided into two parts. At least half the training in each part of the program will consist of clinical instruction; this may take place in a simulated laboratory in a school setting or may take place in an adult care home or in a hospital on a long-term care unit. Programs follow a state curriculum. A student will need to perform a specified set of skills for evaluation by a registered nurse.

A trainee who has successfully completed the first part of the program may be designated as a Nurse Aide Trainee II.

Alternate Training: Nursing and Allied Health

Examination eligibility is extended only to those with equivalent training. A healthcare worker can be approved to test on the basis of Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, or Licensed Mental Health Technician licensing held in in any U.S. state ( He or she can also be approved to test on the basis of licensing that expired in the past 24 months, provided that it expired in good standing (i.e. not revoked or suspended).

Click here to learn about Nurse Aide programs as well as other entry to nursing and health care programs in Kansas.

Approval can also be extended to an individual who is currently receiving training as a nurse or LMFT. The student will need to have had supervised geriatric experience. He or she will also need to have had training in basic nursing. Training is to include the following concepts: nutrition and feeding, hygiene, transfer and ambulation, and positioning and range of motion.

Once approved to test, the allied health professional is eligible to work as a nurse aide trainee II under direct LPN or RN supervision.

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The Examination Process

Candidates will need to pass the Kansas Nurse Aide Test upon program completion. This is a multiple choice assessment. The minimum score is 75%. The test has recently transitioned to a computer-delivered format.

Second language learners will be allowed to use a bilingual dictionary. Time limits may also be extended.

Individuals who have taken approved programs can make up to three attempts at the examination without retraining. Attempts must be made within one year of the start of the course. Individuals approved to challenge are allowed only one attempt. In the event of failure, they will need to enroll in approved programs.

The examination is administered in cities throughout the state. If the test taker is employed by a Medicare/Medicaid nursing home, the associated fee will be paid by the nursing home.

A test taker who is late or does not arrive for the scheduled examination can reschedule by calling (785) 296-6958. A $20 rescheduling fee will be assessed.

Out-of-State CNAs

According to Kansas Administrative Regulations, an out-of-state CNA may be certified without further examination if it is determined that the individual has passed an equivalent examination or has equivalent training ( Generally, an out-of-state CNA can expect to test in Kansas. A CNA who is active on another state’s roster may take the Kansas Nurse Aide Test without enrolling in a training program.

The Application Process

Individuals apply before meeting examination requirements. Often the facility will handle many aspects of the process. Students enrolled in Kansas-approved programs can expect their instructors to collect applications and fees (—needs-organized/nurse-aide-regulations.pdf?sfvrsn=0). Interstate applicants and challenge applicants may contact the Department of Health and Disability Services.

Certification status can be verified online (


If an individual does not work as a nurse aide at all during a 24 month period, status will go from active to inactive. The aide will need to do one of two things to again have active status: 1) take a refresher course or 2) go through a task checklist with a registered nurse. The Department for Aging and Disability Services has provided a list of sites offering refresher courses ( A checklist may be done at a hospital or long-term care facility or in a school laboratory setting. However, it may not be done through a home health agency (

Additional Information

CNA certification information is available through Health Occupations Credentialing (

Health Occupations Credentialing can be reached at 785-296-1240. The Kansas Nurse Aide Registry can be reached at 785-296-6877. Email correspondence can be directed to the Department for Aging and Disability Services at ‘wwwmail at’. Additional contact information is available online (

The Kansas government has provided a fact sheet about the different levels of nurse aide and nurse aide trainee credentials (

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