Certified Nurse Aide Requirements in Michigan

Michigan Nurse Aides are under the jurisdiction of the Long Term Care Division of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The Long Term Care Division approves nurse aide training programs but contracts with Prometric to maintain the registry.

Nurse aides can expect to have criminal background checks before employment (https://miltcpartnership.org/Index).

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Training Requirements and Examination Eligibility

Nurse aides must complete approved programs. They can be assured of meeting requirements if they complete in-state programs. A Michigan program must be specifically approved by the Division of Long Term Care.

The Division of Long Term Care has provided a list of approved training programs (http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-63294_75200—,00.html). The list is organized by region of the state. Michigan-approved programs are 100 hours. They follow a state training curriculum model.

A Michigan candidate who has completed a nurse aide program approved by another state may be exempted from completing a Michigan program if the Division determines that the program was substantially equivalent. The individual is to submit an application within a year of program completion. (The examination itself is to be completed within two years of program completion.)

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The Division of Long Term Care notes that examinations exemptions are not provided to LPNs or RNs. Nor are they provided to aides with expired certificates.

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Examination Requirements

All nurse aides must pass the Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation. This is the case with those who have been approved for training exemption as well as those who have recently completed training programs.

The Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation includes skills and knowledge tests. Everyone who takes the skills test is evaluated on indirect skills and hand washing procedures. Each test taker is also evaluated on three other assigned nurse aide skills. In order to pass the skills evaluation, a candidate must pass all five skills.

First-time examinees will take a multiple choice knowledge examination the same day.

The candidate information bulletin includes a content outline and sample questions. Prometric notes that the purpose of the sample questions is to become familiar with test format but they will not predict how well the person will do on the actual test. Test takers can purchase additional preparation materials for both the clinical skills and written evaluations from Prometric. A variety of resources can be found on the ‘Michigan Nurse Aide Exam’ page (https://www.prometric.com/en-us/clients/Nurseaide/Pages/MI.aspx)

There are two sets of fees: those due to Prometric and those due to the individual testing site (http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/mdch_na_regional_test_sites_340195_7.pdf?20141209154712). $76.50 is to be sent to Prometric with registration materials. $100 is to be brought to the testing site. Prometric fees cover registry placement as well as examination. Prometric advises test takers to check with the individual test site to find out who to make the fee out to; a list of sites is available in the application, along with contact information.

Test takers who are employed at Medicare/Medicaid eligible nursing homes can expect their facility to cover testing fees. Those who receive offers of employment from eligible facilities shortly after completing the process can expect . Company checks are accepted, as are money orders and Cashier’s check; credit cards can also be used to pay the initial Prometric fee.

A candidate who reschedules less than 48 hours before the originally scheduled examination will pay a $25 fee. A candidate who arrives too late to the examination site or fails to bring required documents such as identification will also be charged the $25 fee. (Prometric recommends arriving at the testing site at least half an hour before the scheduled appointment.)
Test results are generally available the same day.

A test taker who passes either the knowledge or skills examination will not be required to retake it. Fees for the clinical test are as follows: $34 sent to Prometric, $85 brought to the testing site. The fee for the knowledge test is as follows: $15 sent to Prometric, $30.50 brought to the testing site.

Out-of-State CNAs

An out-of-state CNA can be exempted from Michigan training but not from examination. The CNA will follow steps for ‘exemption application’ outlined below.

The Application Process

Individuals who apply for training exemption have a two-step process. They apply first to the Bureau of Health Care Services and, if approved, submit examination applications to Prometric. Other candidates have a one-step process. They submit their applications directly to Prometric.

Exemption Application: Exemption forms are available on the site of the Division of Long Term Care (http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-63294_75200—,00.html). Applicants may also request them by calling 517-241-0554. Out-of-state CNAs are directed to send copies of their certificates. If the certificate does not include an expiration date, the CNA will also provide documentation of recent work experience. They will also need to provide verification forms from each state where they are registered (including those that have expired). There is a verification form in the application packet. The application also includes a list of out-of-state registries along with their contact information. CNAs who have change their names since certification will need to provide copies of marriage certificate, divorce degree, or other legal document.

Individuals who completed out-of-state programs must submit copies of their training certificates. They are also advised to send detailed information like course syllabi and records of student achievement. This information is not required of most out-of-state applicants who went on to achieve certification in their own state, but is required of those whose certificates show no expiration date and who are unable to document work experience. If the training was completed in the prior 24 months, the individual may be excused from training in Michigan.

The exemption review process can take three to five weeks.

Examination Application: Application forms are available on the Prometric site (www.prometric.com/NurseAide/MI). Candidates who are applying on the basis of in-state training will include their proof of training document. They will also provide the program number and the date of completion. Those who received exemptions will include copies of their exemption letters.

Examination is the last step. Candidates who pass both portions of the evaluation generally receive registry documents in about 14 days.

Additional Information

The Nurse Aide Registration Program can be found online at http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-63294_75200—,00.html.

Prometric can be reached at 800.752.4724.

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