Licensed Nursing Assistant Requirements in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) are credentialed by the state’s Board of Nursing. LNAs must complete training programs, pass skills and knowledge assessments, and clear criminal background checks.

Nursing assistants who have held credentials in the past may reinstate them through examination.

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Educational Requirements

Prospective LNAs may either 1) complete approved nursing assistant programs or 2) demonstrate to the Board that they have training that is at least equivalent.

The Board has provided a list of New Hampshire-approved nursing assistant programs (

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Individuals may also be licensed on the basis of comparable nursing education. They will need to have completed “fundamentals of nursing”. The required content is described in Provision 704.09 of the nursing rules. To be license qualifying, a course must have been completed in the prior five years.

Prospective LNAs may pursue challenge examination. They will need written approval. The Board notes that there are multiple ways to acquire the prerequisite equivalent education ( The nursing rules state that an individual who has completed a program in another state can be considered competent to test in New Hampshire (

The Board has provided a list of approved challenge programs. The challenge process involves more than just examination. The program will also provide written materials to the student (

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The Examination Process

Whatever training pathways they follow, prospective LNAs must eventually pass both knowledge and skills evaluations. Examination will be required a second time if the nursing assistant allows certification to lapse.

Tests are available through multiple organizations ( One option is New Hampshire-based Excel Testing. Other options are the American Red Cross of Massachusetts and Pearson VUE. Program choice may determine testing vendor.

There are commonalities in the examinations offered by major testing agencies. The knowledge assessment is multiple choice and may be taken in written or oral format. The skills assessment requires the prospective LNA to perform a sampling of nursing assistant duties. Test takers will need to work under time constraints. Testing agencies will make reasonable accommodations for individuals who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act, provided that protocol is followed. Policies are outlined in candidate handbooks, which are available from the respective vendors.

Although candidates typically need to go through other organizations before registering with a testing agency, they may visit the websites of the testing agencies to preview content outlines and other assessment materials. Pearson VUE notes that New Hampshire test takers must contact their program, facility, or credentialing agency to register for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP), but that they should keep a copy of the NNAAP handbook for future reference ( They may call (888) 204-6187 if they have questions about taking the NNAAP in New Hampshire.

Excel Testing notes that individuals seeking to reinstate lapsed licenses may register with Excel after the Board of Nursing has determined eligibility. Excel can be reached by telephone at (603) 647-4900 or by email at ‘info at’.

Criminal Background Checks

Individuals will need to complete criminal records checks.

In-state applicants should have fingerprints made at the Department of Public Safety Building in Concord or at another approved site ( The fingerprints will be captured using a livescan (electronic) process. Applicants can request DPS appointments by calling (603) 223-3867.

Out-of-state applicants will mail fingerprint cards and authorization forms to the Board. They will need to have the fingerprints made on the correct card. Applicants can request fingerprint cards by emailing ‘boardquestions at’.

The background processing fee is $49.75.

The Criminal Record Release Authorization form is to be notarized.

The Application Process

Some individuals will need to seek Board approval before examination. All candidates will submit materials to the Board once requirements have been met. Application materials are available on the Board website (

Applicants are asked to submit copies of both their program certificates and their competency evaluation results.

Nursing students can use official transcripts or letters from their programs to verify completion of nursing fundamentals.

The application fee is $35.

Licensure is verified online.

License by Endorsement

Nursing assistants can be endorsed into New Hampshire on the basis of active licensure and recent work experience ( New Hampshire requires 200 hours spent practicing nursing skills and knowledge under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse; the experience must have been accrued in the previous two years. Endorsement candidates must also demonstrate 24 contact hours of continuing competence education, earned during the prior two years. Nursing assistants who completed clinical and skills assessments in the prior two years, however, are exempt from the work experience and continuing competence requirements (

Endorsement applicants will need to include copies of their certificates or licenses. They will also submit verification forms to the state registries. Applicants are advised to check with the out-of-state registries in advance to find out whether a fee is required for the service. The endorsement application packet includes the necessary license verification forms and contact hour reporting forms.

Additional Information

Licensing information is available on the website of the New Hampshire Board of Nursing ( Licensing rules are described in Chapter 300 of state nursing rules A program specialist can be reached at 271-8282.

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