Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements in Vermont

Vermont nursing assistants are licensed by the Board of the Nursing. Licensed Nursing Assistants, or LNAs), must meet training and examination requirements. They must also have acceptable legal and professional backgrounds.

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Training and Examination Eligibility

Education is the first step. The most direct path is to complete a Vermont nursing assistant program. Any program operating in Vermont must be approved by the Vermont Board of Nursing. The Board has provided a list (https://sos.vermont.gov/nursing/lna/).

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Students generally perform nursing assistant skills in a laboratory setting before actually carrying them out in a clinical setting.

Students can also be approved for examination on the basis of out-of-state programs, provided that the programs meet Vermont standards (80 total hours, 30 clinical hours). A candidate can only be approved to test on the basis of a recent program (completed within the previous two years).

Nursing education is an alternate pathway to LNA licensure. PN and RN students are eligible to test as nursing assistants provided they have completed coursework in the fundamentals of nursing and spent at least 30 clinical hours with adult populations. They may test while enrolled in nursing school or up to two years after.

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Examination Requirements

Vermont nursing assistants must pass both parts of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, or NNAAP. In Vermont, the NNAAP is administered by Pearson VUE and the NACES Plus Foundation.

There are two components to the assessment program: nursing assistant knowledge and practical skills. The candidate can opt for a written or oral multiple choice examination; the oral test is delivered by cassette tape. All candidates must take the skills test. They will perform five actual nursing assistant duties.

Nursing assistants who are working under temporary licenses will need to pass both evaluations on a first attempt. In other cases, up to three attempts are allowed. However, examination eligibility is lost two years after completion.

The examination is available at regional test sites in Bennington, Burlington, Middlebury, and St. Albans. Candidates can select their preferred site. The cost of the examination is $130. However, some working nursing assistants will have the fee paid for them.

Candidates will need to bring two signed IDs on test day; at least one must have a photograph. Candidates must wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for carrying out nursing assistant duties and also for acting the part of a resident for other testers.

Unless there is an unexpected technical difficulty, results will be available soon after a candidate completes an evaluation. A candidate who does not pass either the skills or knowledge examination will receive retake information. If either the skills or knowledge evaluation is passed, the candidate will register for only the failed examination. It costs $95 to retake the skills examination; $35 to retake the written or oral examination.

Examination resources can be found on the ‘Vermont Nursing Assistants’ page of the Pearson VUE website (https://www.sec.state.vt.us/professional-regulation/professions/nursing/licensed-nursing-assistants.aspx). The candidate handbook includes a content outline and skills listing. Test takers can see what steps are expected for each practical skill that may be assessed. Critical steps are printed in bold letters.

The Application Process

There are two applications: one for examination and one for licensure. License applications can be downloaded from the website of the Board of Nursing (https://www.sec.state.vt.us/professional-regulation/professions/nursing/licensed-nursing-assistants.aspx). Examination applications are available through Pearson.

The license applicant will need to report tax and child support status. A passport-size photograph is to be attached to the application; the photograph should not be a copy of the passport or driver’s license photograph. The application fee is $20.

In the case of traditional applicant, eligibility is documented through a copy of the program form.

Nursing students must provide a verification form from the nursing program; it may be included in a sealed envelope or sent separately. The nursing student will need to include the Board’s approval when applying for examination.

Individuals who completed out-of-state nursing assistant programs must also be authorized by the Board of Nursing before seeking eamination.

Out-of-State Nursing Assistants

Out-of-state CNAs or LNAs can be endorsed into Vermont without examination only if they meet experience requirements. They must have worked at least 400 hours (50 days) during the prior two years.

License verification will be required. However, an endorsement candidate may receive a temporary license, valid for up to 90 days. Verification forms are available on the website of the Board of Nursing. Application files must be complete within six months.

A nursing assistant with active status who has not met the 400 hour requirement but who completed a program of at least 80 hours may be allowed to test without retraining; the training program must have included at least 30 hours of clinical work and must have been completed in the prior two years.

Additional Information

Licensing information is found on the website of the Vermont Board of the Professions (https://www.sec.state.vt.us/professional-regulation/professions/nursing/licensed-nursing-assistants.aspx). The Licensing Board Specialist can be reached at (802) 828-3089.

Pearson VUE can be reached at (877) 244-1694.

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