Certified Nurse Aide Requirements in Wyoming

In order to become a Wyoming Certified Nurse Aide, an individual must complete training, pass a competency evaluation, and clear a criminal background check. There are multiple levels of credentialing. A Wyoming-certified CNA can pursue advanced certifications.

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Nurse Aide Training and Examination Requirements

Prospective CNAs must complete nurse aide training programs. The Department of Health has provided a list of Wyoming-approved CNA programs (https://health.wyo.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/HLS-107-CNA_Training_Programs_List.doc.pdf).

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Candidates must complete the examination requirements within a year of program completion.

Wyoming utilizes the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). The Wyoming NNAAP is administered by the American Red Cross (ARC) in cooperation with Pearson VUE. There are two separate tests. Prospective CNAs will attempt both on the day. They may select a first and second choice from the list of regional test sites.

Candidates can take the knowledge examination as a written test or as an oral test in either English or Spanish. Candidates should be aware that while the knowledge questions are presented in audio format, the oral examination also includes some English reading comprehension questions, designed to make sure that candidates have the minimum level of reading ability required for the job.

The skills test involves acting out nursing assistant job duties. The prospective CNA will need to demonstrate proper hand hygiene. Other skills will be randomly selected, but at least one task in each testing administration will involve measurement. The candidate will need to perform at an acceptable level on all skills tested; all steps that are listed as ‘critical’ must be performed. The candidate handbook includes a listing of all tested skills and the steps that should be performed. A Spanish language skills listing is also available for download and study. Resources can be downloaded from the ‘Wyoming Nurse Aides’ page of the Pearson VUE site (http://www.pearsonvue.com/wy/nurseaides).

Candidates are allowed to make as many as five attempts at the examination and to take up to a year after program completion to meet all requirements. However, candidates who are working under temporary permits will have a shorter timeframe. The Board of Nursing cautions that Graduate Nurse Aide permits are no longer valid after examination failure (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Default.aspx?page=16).

The Examination Process

Examination applications can also be downloaded from Pearson VUE (http://www.pearsonvue.com/wy/nurseaides/). Candidates who are recent graduates of Pennsylvania programs will send copies of their completion certificates. Other eligible candidates will need documentation from the Board of Nursing. Individuals may be approved for testing on the basis of out-of-state programs that meets federal requirements; they will need to file a CNA-EX 102, Out-of-State Verification of Nurse Aide Training Program.

Initially, a candidate (or his or her sponsor) will pay $98 for the NNAAP. It costs $65 to retake the skills examination and $33 to retake the knowledge examination.

Examination application forms are sent to the American Red Cross in Harrisburg, PA. The Red Cross generally sends out notification within two business days of receiving registration materials. An approved candidate will receive a confirmation letter. An applicant who has not included all required documentation will instead receive a deficiency letter.

Candidates who must reschedule are directed to call at least 48 hours in advance; Pearson VUE notes that one may actually need to call a good deal more than 48 hours in advance as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not business days.

Candidates generally receive their results shortly after testing. A candidate who fails either or both examinations will receive re-examination information.

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Criminal Background Checks

Wyoming requires criminal background checks. Candidates may complete the process before applying for certification. They will need to have their fingerprints made on blue FBI cards.

It is acceptable to mail the application before having the fingerprints made. If the application is not accompanied by fingerprints, the Board will place fingerprint cards in the mail. Candidates should be aware, however, that the background check process may take up to 60 days.

The Application Process

In Wyoming, the application process and examination registration process are separate. The Board recommends that both steps be carried out at the same time.

The certification examination includes screening questions. An applicant who answers ‘yes’ to any of these questions will need to write a personal statement and attach other supporting documentation such as court judgment or physician’s statement.

A total of $120 is due with the application ($60 for the criminal background check, $60 for the application itself). Applications are mailed to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing in Cheyenne.

Processing time can be as long as 14 business days. Wyoming does not issue paper certificates. Status can be verified online.

Out-of-State CNAs

Out-of-state nurse aides can be certified or deemed if they meet competency requirements. They must have 1) spent some time working as a certified nurse aide in the prior 24 months and 2) completed 24 hours of in-service education during that time; an exception is made for CNAs who completed their training within the most recent 24 month period. (Qualifying training would include either a nurse aide training program or the first semester of nursing school.)

Temporary Permits

A student who completes a Wyoming-approved CNA program is eligible for a Graduate Nurse Aide Temporary Permit. The permit is issued when the instructor submits the list of eligible individuals. The Board notes that a candidate who has not been offered employment as a nurse aide can choose to delay the issuance of the temporary permit (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Default.aspx?page=16). Pearson VUE advises candidates who wish to do so to call 307-777-7601 prior to program completion.

An out-of-state CNA can be granted a 90 day permit.

Advanced Certifications

A CNA II may take on more advanced healthcare duties with patients who have stable chronic conditions (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Resources/cna%20ii%20role%20oct%202013.pdf). The nurse aide will need to have at least 1,500 hours of work experience (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Resources/cna%20ii%20curriculum%20oct%202013.pdf). He or she must have 30 additional hours of training and must pass a final examination and field test. The CNA II curriculum includes skills such as wound care, oxygen therapy, and blood glucose testing. The Board of Nursing has provided a list of CNA II training programs (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Default.aspx?page=43).

Nurse aides may pursue certification as medication aides only after they have completed nurse aide II training (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Default.aspx?page=49). They will take another certification examination through Pearson VUE.

Additional Information

The Wyoming Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys maintains the state’s CNA Registry. The Wyoming State Board of Nursing handles the application process.

Certification resources can be found on the site of the Wyoming State Board of Nursing (https://nursing-online.state.wy.us/Default.aspx?page=16) and the Wyoming Department of Health (https://health.wyo.gov/aging/hls/certified-nurse-aides/). The Board of Nursing can be reached by telephone at (307) 777-7601 or by email at ‘wsbn-info-licensing at wyo.gov’.

Examination questions can be directed to the American Red Cross at 1-866-257-5238.

A prospective CNA can consult the Pearson VUE candidate handbook to see which state or third party agency to contact in which situation.

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