Nursing License Requirements in WY: Become a Nurse in Wyoming!

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing licenses registered nurses and practical nurses ( The National Nursing Database reports that Wyoming has 12,110 nurses: 10,737 with RN licenses and 1,373 with LPN licenses.

Wyoming is a member of the nurse license compact. Currently, a nurse needs a Wyoming license to practice in Wyoming. RNs and LPNs receive multistate licenses as of January 19, 2018. New graduates and international candidates must take the NCLEX.

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Nursing Scholarships and Loans in Wyoming

Wyoming nursing students can look on the site of the Wyoming Department of Health to find a list of scholarship and loan repayment programs at the state and national levels (

LPN Requirements in Wyoming

LPN Programs

An LPN candidate should enroll in a practical nursing program in Wyoming approved by the Wyoming Board, or (if residing elsewhere) a comparable program approved by another state board. Click Here for the approved Nursing Education programs in Wyoming.

Application Process for Licensure as an LPN

Later the candidate will have the transcript sent to the Board. Tthe candidatehe candidate must make two applications: one to the Wyoming Board and one to the company that administers the NCLEX-PN.

The necessary forms for the license application can be found on the Board site ( An LPN applying for license by examination pays a $130 application fee, plus $60 for a background check. (Fees are from the license application, and may change in the future.) The Board sends fingerprint cards out after application and fees are received, placing them in the mail that same day. The candidate must follow the enclosed instructions.

The candidate will need to complete exam registration and pay $200 to Pearson-VUE ( Further information about the exam is available on the site of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (

When the candidate is found eligible, the candidate will receive an ATT; this will allow the candidate to schedule a computer adapted licensing exam at a choice of Pearson testing sites, either in Wyoming or another state.

Assuming the candidate passes, the license will be issued electronically. (Wyoming does not issue paper licenses, as they are easier to tamper with.)

If the candidate fails an attempt, the candidate may apply for re-examination. Wyoming candidates are expected to pass the NCLEX-PN within the five years immediately following graduation.

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IV Certification for LPNs

Intravenous (IV) therapy is considered expanded practice for the LPN. A nurse can consult the Board site for a list of approved IV courses (

LPN by Endorsement

An endorsement candidate must submit, in addition to the application, fingerprint cards and license verification from the state of original licensure. The Wyoming Board will need to know the current status of the license.

The application asks for evidence of continuing competence. This can be met in a variety of ways, including recent practice, continuing education, or a refresher course. LPNs who took the NCLEX within the preceding five years are deemed competent.

A candidate who does meet requirements may be work-eligible sooner if the candidate requests a temporary permit.

RN License Requirements in Wyoming

RN Education

In order to be licensed as a registered nurse, an individual will need to graduate from a board approved RN program in Wyoming. A list of Wyoming programs is available on the Board site ( Programs approved by other state boards are acceptable.

Applying for RN Licensure

Later the candidate will apply to take the NCLEX-RN and pay the $200 fee ( At about the same time, the candidate will turn in an application to the Wyoming Board ( The candidate will pay the Wyoming Board a $130 application fee and a $60 background check fee. Both applications must be completed, and eligibility determined, before an Authorization to Test can be sent. Eligibility is dependent upon receipt of original transcripts.

Once the Board receives the application, they will send fingerprint cards and instructions for completing the background check.

The Board may issue a temporary permit to a candidate who is waiting to take the NCLEX exam. A candidate who needs one should make sure to check the applicable box on the application form and note if the candidate wants a start date that is sometime in the future. (If the candidate doesn’t indicate otherwise, the start date will be the date of processing.) The graduate permit is valid for just 90 days – during this time, the candidate must pass the NCLEX-RN.

The Wyoming Board will use email to keep a candidate apprised of status.

Official exam results will be mailed. A successful candidate will be able to verify a license online.

A candidate who is unsuccessful on the first examination attempt will need to fill out a retake application. Additional fees will be required. A candidate can be authorized as many as ten times in the five year eligibility period following graduation.

The Wyoming Nurses Association is an additional organization supporting the state’s registered nurses (

Out-of State RNs

An out-of-state RN can be endorsed into Wyoming if the candidate meets requirements set by the Board.

There is a continuing competency requirement. It can be met in a number of ways. If, during the most recent five years, the RN passed the NCLEX, worked 1,600 hours, took a refresher course, or earned a specialty certification through an organization recognized by the Board, the candidate has met the requirement. The Board will also accept as evidence having worked 500 hours or earned 20 hours of continuing education in the prior two years.

The application form asks for a five year work history. The candidate must submit a $135 application fee and $60 background check fee. If paying by credit card, an additional $5 charge will be assessed.)

A currently licensed out-of-state candidate may be authorized to work for up to 90 days under a temporary permit if the candidate includes, along with the application and fee, a copy of a license that is in good standing.

It is also possible to apply for a temporary permit without permanent licensure. A nurse can be granted this status only one time.

Internationally Educated Nurses

An internationally educated nurse who has already taken the NCLEX in another U.S. jurisdiction is eligible for license by endorsement and, like other out-of-state candidates, can be authorized to work under a temporary permit while endorsement licensure is being processed.

An internationally educated candidate who has not yet taken the U.S. licensing exam should first take a qualifying exam. Some candidates will need to demonstrate English proficiency.

The nurse must also show evidence that the educational program was approved by the appropriate agency in their prior country. If a review indicates educational deficiencies, the candidate must make them up through additional coursework.

An internationally educated candidate is not eligible to work under a temporary permit pending examination.

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